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Author jrobbins17
Full name Jason Robbins
Date 2003-06-27 11:09:56 PDT
Message >1.
>Should we make another release with these bug fixes?

Yes, absolutely.

>If we should, should we add the old methods and classes to keep compatibility?
>Or should we start on designing the new interface to GEF without making this
>"in-between-version" compatible to 0.9.6?

I think it is time for GEF to take some major steps forward. I am not
so concerned with drop-in compatability with 0.9.6. Users of 0.9.6
can stay with 0.9.6 until they are ready to upgrade to the next major
version. We should move forward to a 0.10.0 release with all the new
features and API that we want.


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