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Author raphael
Full name Raphael Langerhorst
Date 2003-06-27 08:44:34 PDT
Message Hello!

We will merge a big branch with many bug fixes into the main branch at the
beginning of next week. This already breaks compatibility with the current


Should we make another release with these bug fixes?

If we should, should we add the old methods and classes to keep compatibility?
Or should we start on designing the new interface to GEF without making this
"in-between-version" compatible to 0.9.6?

When we have finished with the new interface you (the users) have to redesign
their software anyway so the benefit would be one minor release with a couple
of bug fixes before the big change. The disadvantage is that this will cost
us (the developers) more time.

See attachment for a (incomplete) list of changes.

Please send your comments,