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Author Bob.Tarling@irishlife.ie
Full name Bob.Tarling@irishlife.ie
Date 2003-06-27 08:59:35 PDT
Message I'm just concerned we're not trying to do too much in one go.

Release little and often is the normal way but I understand your not wanting
to break compatability too often.

How confident do you feel about the work you merged in.

I'm just concerened that maybe the knowledge of the gentleware patch isn't
within us and then we've added another layer of change on top of that.

When I say "us" and "we" of course I mean "you" as your the only one yet to
have taken the time and effort to make this happen <applause>, I'm still too
argo oriented at the moment.

There were some previous mails asking why certain methods had gone and what
replaced them. Do these make any sense to you?

Is Jason on board as yet?



> -----Original Message-----
> From: Raphael Langerhorst [SMTP:raphael-langer​horst at gmx dot at]
> Sent: 27 June 2003 16:33
> To: dev at gef dot tigris dot org
> Subject: Re: [gef-dev] merging "gentleware_patches" with main branch
> I think only if we can make it compatible with 0.9.6.
> I successfully moved to the gentleware_branch and compiled this thing.
> Tried
> it with argo and it comes up with over 100 errors. I don't know exactly
> what
> methods changed and I am not yet sure if we should offer the old methods.
> two possiblities:
> we add the old methods (which ones?) as deprecated
> we don't and start right away with interface design which will make things
> incompatible anyway.
> So compatibility will only be for one more release. Of course, there are a
> couple of improvements... I will send a short mail to the users list...
> maybe
> we get some votes on that.
> Raphael
> On Friday 27 June 2003 17:32, Bob dot Tarling at irishlife dot ie wrote:
> > Will there be a release between merging gentleware patches and starting
> on
> > interfaces?
> >
> > I doubt there's any need to tag as I don't think it's likely anyone
> would
> > take an upgraded version at the moment until there's some substantial
> > benefit (although I could be wrong).
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