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Original message

Author toby
Full name Toby Baier
Date 2001-02-26 07:06:41 PST
Message Hi all,
especially the core developers: I'd lke to do a ArgoUML 0.9.1 developers
release by the end of this week, say Friday perhaps, or even Thursday.
Thorsten and I dropped in just some minor bugfixes, also in GEF, which
killed that NPE bug in PGMLParser, so loading works quite good now. This
means that we will have a 0.9.2 fr GEF as well, me thinks.

If you have any MAJOR issues which have to be fixed until then, please
let me know until wednesday. I do not talk about new features like RE or
more PropPanels, but for showstoppers like bad and regular NullPointers
or system crashes. Please submit these also to bugzilla, I just cleaned
up the 0.9 entries there.

My plan is to do some work on replacing PGML with SVG as Argo standard
saving format next week. But I want to do a release before that, so if I
hang, this won't keep people from seeing what we do. And if I don't
hang, well, I have nothing against having weekly releases :-) we should
release much more often anyway.

Toby dot Baier at gmx dot net (I seek you: 12164930)