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Author Ted Kosan <tkosan@shawnee.edu>
Full name Ted Kosan <tkosan@shawnee.edu>
Date 2000-07-29 23:51:58 PDT
Message Thorsten,

>So I suggest to put some efforts on completing the separation of Argo
>and GEF so that all of the GEF code left in Argo can be removed.

Do you have any feel at all for how much the version of GEF in the GEF cvs
repository and the version of GEF currently used in ArgoUML differ?

>Making the separation of GEF and Argo work seems to be a good time to
>restructure the packages. Based on the suggestion Jason made a while
>ago, I would suggest the following structure (I replaced org.tigris by
>simply org, because I don't think that the location or organization
>supporting the project should be represented in the package names):

It is my understanding that having package names reflect the reverse order
of the URL of the developing organization was designed to prevent package
name collisions. If the .tigris is striped from the package names can't an
organization which owns the name gef.org publish a org.gef package that
conflicts with your proposed 'org.gef' package name?