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Author rquast
Full name Roland Quast
Date 2010-12-01 22:17:37 PST
Message http://gef.tigris.or​g/issues/show_bug.cg​i?id=354
                 Issue #|354
                 Summary|ModeSelect selection bug when Zoomed.
       Status whiteboard|
              Issue type|DEFECT
             Assigned to|bobtarling
             Reported by|rquast

------- Additional comments from rquast at tigris dot org Wed Dec 1 22:17:36 -0800 2010 -------
After zooming in on the editor and creating a fig in the editor, such as a
rectangle - once the fig is created, click to the right of it just slightly and
you will notice it is still selected. Worse still, once you start try editing
anything on the page when it is zoomed in, editing becomes impossible because it
is "magically" selecting figs from above where you click.

After much hunting around, I found out that ModeSelect's mouseReleased method
was translating the MouseEvent coordinates after the Editor's mouseReleased
event had already done this. The fix appears to be simple (may require further
testing), but I managed to get everything working properly after removing the
line in the mouseReleased method - editor.translateMouseEvent(me);

Anyone who as ever used GEF while zoomed in will surely have seen this problem.